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The familiar proverb ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ befits the story of Plan & Glow. The idea for these
unique products dawned on me when I was in a meeting. Interestingly, the meeting was about chalking out a
marketing plan for a new brand. As always, we were all making lavish use of the big, dull, white marker board on
the wall; writing, erasing and writing again. Planning was in progress. But checking days and dates for each step
of the plan was a hassle. We had to look up the calendar elsewhere. I thought we lacked an important tool there.
I thought: why can’t we have a writing board that combines both a calendar and a planner?
I slept on that thought for days on end. And after long sessions of intense research and in-depth discussions,
I decided to do some sketches. The sketches evolved from seminal ideas into an impressive set of workable
themes. They somehow made me believe in them. And they drove me to prove that the idea was practical.
Making a prototype was a brain-teasing, back breaking proposition. But I took up the challenge and set to work.
Isolating myself, I slogged through day and night for months. The idea virtually grew on me, and I ended up
producing not just one but over a hundred models, each with distinctive characteristics that could appeal to a
particular target group.
So here we are, with a colorful range of Plan & Glow writing boards, which I believe are some of the best work
I’ve ever produced in my 25-year-old creative career. What’s most gratifying is the fact that these creations are
greatly useful to people of varying ages and professions. Pick the one that best suits your need, dream and taste.
It’ll certainly make you more productive and more creative whether at home or work. It’ll even inspire you to push
the boundaries of your imagination.

Thank you for buying my product. Enjoy expressing your ideas. Just plan and glow!
Ben Paul
Founder, Designer & CEO